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Oprah Winfrey Show Takes a Break from the Show

Oprah Winfrey Show Takes a Break from the Show

Oprah Winfrey bails on old pal Dr. Oz and endorses John Fetterman in tight Senate race

From the moment Oprah began making her pitch that she was going to throw her hat into the Senate race, the Oprah Winfrey Show has been making some very bold moves. On Thursday, Winfrey endorsed John Fetterman, one of the first openly gay state senators in the country, and made a compelling case that he should be the next senator from South Carolina.

As Winfrey wrapped up her final interview with Fetterman in the show’s final hour on Thursday night, the interview was over, the show had come to an end and Winfrey was headed home. But in an unprecedented move, Oprah is using the last few minutes of the show to cut away from her subject and tell some very personal stories. Among them, the fact that she was about to get married to her longtime boyfriend and had a family to raise — and that she felt it was time, having watched her show, that she had to share her personal life with our viewers.

The conversation was brief aside from Winfrey’s life story. Winfrey was blunt in her assessment of the senator and talked about the difference between supporting someone who is openly gay and someone like South Carolina’s incumbent senator, Lindsey Graham. Winfrey said she would have voted for Graham, but she told Fetterman that “he didn’t have his wife’s back.”

Fetterman jumped back on the Oprah bandwagon.

Fetterman told Winfrey that “I don’t think there is anybody who believes that America is going to end tomorrow.” And Winfrey added: “We’re not. America won’t end tomorrow. We are the children of Abraham Lincoln, and we will stand up to whoever we’re confronted with.”

Oprah’s support of Fetterman came after the former reality TV star went on record with her endorsement. Winfrey made it very clear that she feels the senator she had once supported and whose political record she had supported on the show is the best senator for South Carolina.

And Winfrey’s endorsement of Fetterman in exchange for the Oprah’s endorsement of Fetterman was a remarkable turn of events

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