No Parking Ahead, No Parking After, No Pedestrians, No Cycling

How a fix for Yonge Street lamps became a menace for walkers.

One week ago, a young man was killed on the sidewalk where the city’s Yonge Street lights will soon shine out again.

On Thursday, when a police car stopped the driver, he was handed a traffic ticket for excessive speeding.

The police ticket was supposed to mean the end of the problem. But a new kind of police stop, of course, did not.

When a man walks on Yonge Street, there are lights that flash, one after another. In the last year, thousands of pedestrians have walked that way while waiting for the lights to change, waiting to cross, and waiting for things to go back to normal.

While we were waiting for the lights in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday morning when the man was killed, we spoke to people who said they were never coming back.

At the traffic light at Parkdale and Yonge, there are five signs that the city has been placing there: No Parking Ahead, No Parking After, No On-Street Parking, No Pedestrians, No Cycling.

We asked one man if there were more signs. “You go to Yonge and you have lights flashing and they say No Parking Ahead, No Parking After, and No On-Street Parking.” He said, “That was the one they put in, yeah.”

On Yonge Street, where many drivers have already hit the horn and have been honked down, a young man was killed on May 16. (Submitted by Dave Fitch)

There are six others.

When a pedestrian, including the man who was killed on Thursday, goes for it, they step out in the middle of the street in front of cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicle traffic, and they are stopped.

The city has been placing lights and other warning signs there since 2012.

“We will not place any vehicle lights or any signs in the roadway that will be seen by pedestrians. What we are asking for is something to give pedestrians a way to know they are not walking up to a traffic light,” said George Takahashi, the city’s director of transit operations.

“We have been doing that for a while. And so that’s

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