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Nick Castellanos Wasn’t Having a Cy Young Season

Nick Castellanos Wasn’t Having a Cy Young Season

World Series: Nick Castellanos Saved Phillies With Catch in Game 1

October 25, 2014

PHILADELPHIA — Nick Castellanos may have gone deep to win Game 1 of the World Series. But he didn’t win the game.

It was the story of the second inning of the Phillies’ 5-3 win over the Washington Nationals, a game that was decided when pitcher Nick Castellanos, who had allowed an unearned run in the first inning, drilled a routine fly ball that was ruled a triple.

Castellanos, who had just finished his second start of Game 1, had been lifted after the second inning, but he had been the only one at that point to go back on the mound. He had pitched almost 7 innings. Then he had to come back. Castellanos, who had appeared to struggle this season, said he was fine physically. That didn’t mean he wanted to continue pitching.

“I was just trying to get myself to a point where I could pitch and we could get it done,” he said.

But after two innings, Castellanos’ teammates were worried. They sent him back to the mound and gave him a chance to pitch at least five innings. Then they sent him back to the mound and gave him a chance to give up four runs.

Castellanos had been in a similar situation before. He was a young pitcher who lost a lot of early games, often with his team down by a large margin, but as he went further into games and into more pressure games, he would throw harder and his teammates would be more worried. By the end of September, he was being considered a Cy Young candidate.

But this time, Castellanos wasn’t having a Cy Young season.

Castellanos had been in that situation before. He would pitch well into his seventh or eighth game. Then he would have a game of almost seven innings when he had to come back.

But this time, he had a Cy Young season. And a reason: he was a rookie and the Phillies were in a deep playoff race.

Castellanos is in the eighth inning of the World Series. The Phillies and Nats are tied 1-1. The

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