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Michigan’s Manchin races: Democrats take lead in polls, but Republicans still dominate the field

Michigan's Manchin races: Democrats take lead in polls, but Republicans still dominate the field

Still in the pipeline: Manchin won’t give up on his payoff for voting for Biden’s climate change law

The Michigan Democrat will campaign for Joe Biden in several battleground states on Saturday.

Biden also has a major fundraiser lined up for March 21.

The Michigan race is the eighth in the Democratic primary. A new poll from Emerson College had former Rep. Barbara Marie Swift leading the pack with 25 percent of the vote. Another survey by Public Policy Polling had Democrat Justin Amash with 17 percent.

Manchin in recent days has been the subject of criticism from the right, particularly from former Reagan adviser Peggy Noonan. Manchin was among the Democrats who voted for the 2008 Obama climate change bill, which was later overturned.

But the House vote that ultimately overturned the bill wasn’t enough to doom Manchin. He voted for the bill anyway, and the bill passed both the House and the Senate.

Manchin in fact was one of the Democrats who spoke in opposition to the bill. Many of Manchin’s Democratic colleagues, including Pelosi and Schumer, went on to vote against it anyway.

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Now, Manchin is positioning himself as a centrist, someone who is anti-President Trump and pro-fiscal responsibility.

He was elected in the 2006 Democratic wave in part because he was the first Democrat elected in the state since 1972 who was also a moderate.

“I came to Congress to say no more tax cuts for millionaires,” Manchin said at the time. “I come to Congress to say we need to cut the debt by at least $4 trillion in the next two years.”

But Manchin’s biggest challenge, in terms of his role in the 2020 race, is not who he has voted for or who he will vote for, but his ability to be part of the conversation about how to address climate change.

“We have to come together,” Manchin said. “

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