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Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts: The Story of the Love of Julia Roberts

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts: The Story of the Love of Julia Roberts

Near-fatal ODs and love faxes to Julia Roberts: What Matthew Perry’s memoir reveals about our desire to be loved

When Matthew Perry was hit by a car, he was a young star in Hollywood on the cusp of super stardom. His life was transformed. But he has also been transformed.

His life – and his relationships – has been transformed as well. His memoir Love is Just a Feeling shows that his love for Julia Roberts may have influenced his writing.

They met in 1987 in a Hollywood casting office where Perry had auditioned to play the lead role in a film called The King of Marvin Gardens – and Julia Roberts (yes, the star of Pretty Woman and Pretty Woman 2) was the only actress to test the casting office. She liked Perry and he asked her out for a date.

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He was the love of her life: Perry (pictured with Julia Roberts in 1990) was the love of Julia Roberts’ life

A few weeks later he had asked her out again.

The two made plans to meet up at Julia Roberts’ apartment in Beverly Hills, just after Julia was in town to attend a birthday party for one of her friends.

The two went to the apartment where they started to have dinner and ended up spending the night together – but not in Julia Roberts’ bed.

Instead they spent the night in Perry’s tiny bedroom, where they made love in front of each other.

He had an affair with her four months later and their relationship lasted for 18 months – until Perry broke up with her.

‘I had never once considered that he might be gay,’ she says in Love is Just a Feeling. ‘We were very passionate and very much in love. I was very attracted to him. He was very much in love with me.

Perry’s mother and sister reveal that Matthew Perry was involved in a drug ring when he and

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