Los Angeles’s earthquake-resistant buildings were built to withstand the earthquake

L.A. hits $1-billion earthquake milestone: 8,000 buildings retrofitted

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — The L.A. River has a new name after a massive earthquake that shook the Los Angeles basin in 1989.

The seismic shake that rocked the San Fernando Valley created a 7.1-magnitude earthquake capable of sinking a ship. In Los Angeles, the epicenter generated a 9.0-magnitude earthquake that damaged hundreds of homes and buildings.

The massive earthquake, which took place in a basin with a narrow fault known as the San Andreas Fault, also created a tsunami that inundated the Pacific Ocean and the waters of Los Angeles Harbor. The earthquake killed more than 1,200 people and left thousands more injured.

In the aftermath of the L.A. earthquake, scientists from Los Angeles County’s Geophysical Institute and others built earthquake-resistant houses, schools, hotels and office buildings.

“This is the first time ever that anyone has accomplished this feat,” says James Grunwald, director of the Geophysical Institute. “We’re proud of what we did.”

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake generated a tsunami that slammed into the Pacific Ocean and wreaked havoc along the shoreline. It was the largest earthquake to ever hit California since 1950, when it generated a 6.9-magnitude earthquake that was felt as far away as Texas, Florida, and New Jersey.

As an early warning system, the state’s tsunami early warning system detected the arrival of the tsunami in the Los Angeles area on Saturday at 11:52 a.m. The tsunami was felt as far west as Santa Barbara and the Baja area off of San Diego.

At one time, Grunwald says, there were 30 or more buildings in some areas of the San Fernando Valley that were built to withstand a major earthquake.

“That was the biggest tragedy of the earthquake,” he says, adding that the first earthquake that destroyed an L.A. building took place in a “perfect storm.”

Los Angeles has spent more than $1 billion on retrofitting of seismic-resistant buildings. In addition, the city has put

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