Lagos residents are struggling to come to terms with the floods in northeastern Nigeria

Floods are submerging whole houses in Nigeria. At least 80 have died trying to escape floods that have submerged parts of Kaduna and its neighboring states.

Lagos residents are struggling to come to terms with the floods in northeastern Nigeria.

One resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “The whole of Lagos flooded over a few weeks ago and the smell still hangs in the air. We all lost everything.” He added that his neighbours have lost homes and some of their families were living in the streets due to lack of shelter. The other residents are now staying at their relatives’ houses, which makes them vulnerable to more floods in the future.

The Lagos resident said: “We haven’t seen the like this in our lives, in terms of the scale. I don’t think that there will ever be a comparison to this for the number of lives lost or the number of people that have died.” He said that many of the residents of a new suburb have since moved away as they are worried about losing their homes and losing their lives.

Others have also reported losing their homes, although some of the areas affected are areas outside the Lagos metropolitan area. There are fears that the floods will affect other parts of the country. Kaduna was hit hard by flash floods on 21 August.

On 21 August, a man died while trying to cross a swollen river in Madagali. His body was brought to the hospital where his mother identified him as Ihemeh, a resident of Benin Town. He hailed from the area. Ihemeh was among the hundreds of people who were forced to cross swollen rivers to reach their nearby villages.

The government has so far not come up with any credible solutions to the flooding. For now, the only solution that officials of the state and the federal governments have offered to affected people is the use of tents as temporary relief. A team of relief workers visited several affected areas on 23 August and found that “piles of rubbish and dead bodies” had been dumped around the affected areas. The team had to burn these dumped materials and then leave.

However, relief workers say that this will not be enough to provide the relief required.

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