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Kim Kardashian spoke out against Kanye West’s remarks on the White House lawn

Kim Kardashian spoke out against Kanye West's remarks on the White House lawn

Kim Kardashian condemns Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks, stands with Jewish community

During her new interview with Oprah Winfrey that was broadcast on Dec. 2, former model and reality television star Kim Kardashian spoke out against the remarks made by Kanye West during his visit to the White House last week.

“The comments that were made were hurtful to me and to my family and to any women who have been in prison,” Kardashian said.

When Oprah Winfrey asked the former TV star if Kanye had hurt her, Kardashian replied “I think he hurt his own community by saying these things that he said. Because these statements are clearly targeted at a group that’s been marginalized for a long time and that’s people of color.”

Kardashian said she was disappointed to hear Kanye speak on the White House lawn about her and her “f*cking b*tch” father.

“I would never say something about a father to his daughter or about a daughter to her father,” she said. “I mean, that’s the most terrible thing that I can imagine. And that’s the reason why I stand up on behalf of men and I’m thankful for my father, but it was very hurtful for me to hear him say those words like that.”

As she continued, Kardashian said, “I think it’s very sad what could happen to us…. And I think that people have to do the work of speaking up and not letting that type of behavior pass without standing up and speaking out.”

Kardashian said she hopes that people will see her and know that all Americans are worth protecting and that we should be proud of our identities as American citizens.

“We all deserve to be treated equally,” Kardashian said. “I want to encourage people to stand up, because I want to see change. And until we see change, I want to stay true to who I am.”

Later in the interview, Kardashian urged viewers who have felt the need to express their opinions to “speak up.”

“If you know me as I know myself, I’m not one to change my mind and I’m not one to change my mind for anybody,” she said. “I know that I’m not one to change for everybody else. I want to stand up

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