Kanye West’s Story

Kanye West Is Running Out of Platforms to Push His Message

You might not have realized it, but Jay-Z had a big hand in the rise of Kanye West. A lot of people believe Yeezy owes his impressive commercial and artistic success in part to Jay-Z, and with the ascension of his son, Kim Kardashian, to the top of the Kardashian family, the two have taken over the rapper. But you don’t have to look far to find a counter-example: Kanye West’s first album, Ye, was released to critical acclaim on the wings of the rapper’s first single, “Through the Wire.” West made a lot of noise with his own “anti-establishment” message, but it was the first time he was in a position of power, and his ability to appeal to and influence a large, largely young audience was all the more impressive in that context.

In Kanye’s current status as a rapper with a major megastar status, which he attained with the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he has come under even more scrutiny for some of his statements and statements of opinion. A portion of the public, and the media, is very critical of his music, and his statements on his own history (particularly the release of The College Dropout on his mother’s behalf in 2005), and some media critics even went so far as to suggest that he’s a bad role model.

These criticisms have come from both sides of the conversation about Kanye West. From his fans, who seem to be divided on the subject; to his critics, who question his commitment to his art, his values and his sincerity; to the media, who seem to be split on whether they think an artist who has written an entire book about being gay, has come to the point in life where he has had enough self-reflection to be honest, or whether they think he’s a hypocrite.

But I believe that his critics are missing a key feature

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