Kanye West’s Bigotry Is Not a Jew

More antisemitic hate seen in L.A. after Kanye West’s hateful rants? No big surprise here.

Last week, L.A. resident and self-proclaimed “sadomasochist” Kanye West told a crowd of more than 10,000 at his Yeezy Yeezy Fest in West Hollywood that “Jews run the government, therefore, I’m not a Jew,” adding that “they’re controlling the media and the government, so I’m not a Jew.”

“This is the year of the Jew,” he said. “This is the year when the Jewish population control the world’s population, not in the sense that they control the world’s water supply or food supply, but control the world’s population through birth control, through abortion, through family planning, ultimately through the destruction of the white race and the destruction of our planet.”

The most recent example of West’s bigotry was his song, “Famous,” which he released in 2015. In his song, which features a sample of the anti-Semitic “Dead End Jobs” from the 1942 George Albert Denton novel The Sportswriter, West makes the case that he is not a Jew because he lacks Jewish ties.

West told TMZ earlier this week that it was his intention to release his new song “Anti-Semitic” as soon as he came across it.

“We had plans of releasing ‘Anti-Semitic’ as soon as I was able to find it and put it on the Internet,” he told TMZ. “I mean, the Internet. It’s everywhere. I mean, you can’t not have it. So we got it, we put it up, we let people know about it, we put our own commentary on it. I never intended to release it. I was definitely going to take it off and put it in a vault. For, like, five years, I was going to take it out and never release it again. It was going to be underground, and we couldn’t release it, but now it’s out and it’s on the Internet. The point was never to release it. We have it. But you never know, in case anybody needs it.”

The latest example of West�

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