Jillian Barber’s Complaint About Reitman

Anna Faris claims director Ivan Reitman was abusive on ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ set

It was during an early production run on ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ in the mid-’90s, and actress-turned-TV producer Jillian Barber said she was “getting to know the director” when she came to feel the same way.

“I was getting to know the director, and he had a good reputation, and I didn’t. I was getting close to him and he got meaner,” Barber said. “I said, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?’ And he said, ‘Because I’m on a set and I have to do it. I can’t help being mean,’ in a very arrogant way. He said, ‘I’m going to get you fired. Trust me, it’s good.’”

Barber’s complaint about Reitman led to a meeting with the filmmaker and the two sides agreed to discuss their feelings. They worked out an agreement that Barber wouldn’t act like a “prune” and that he would not show up late or get angry at her.

Barber went on to do ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend.’Reitman played a male role in the show and Barber starred alongside him.Courtesy of Jillian Barber

“He was like, he was on ‘The Simpsons’ and he was so unapologetic about what he was trying to do and I was like, ‘This is how it feels — this is the way it’s supposed to feel.’ And he said, ‘You’re right,’” she recalled. “And then the week, he was so late for a shoot he didn’t show up, and I had to work with him. I was like, ‘I feel you, and you feel me. You’ve got to listen to me, man. You’ve got to hear us.’ And he said, ‘You’re right.’ And then he did have to work with me. I kept saying, ‘I feel

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