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I’m a Democrat, and I’m a Democrat

I’m a Democrat, and I’m a Democrat

Column: Hey, L.A. politicians — I know just the patron saint for you!

It’s easy, from my perspective, to forget who’s at the other end of the table when it comes to the way we elect politicians.

I’m a lifelong Democrat who is no longer registered or active in the party.

I’m a college student, and as far as political participation goes, my life hasn’t really changed, so I don’t owe the party any allegiance. I have the same rights and responsibilities as I had going in.

I’m not a diehard leftist with a penchant for social justice, or a conservative with a soft spot for free markets. For them, a vote for a Democrat is not a vote against the Party or their values, but a vote to support their vision of the world.

But for me, a vote for a Democrat isn’t just a vote against the Party — it’s a vote that sends a message to the Party’s leadership that we reject their vision of the world, and the rules and norms that have gotten us here are not worth respecting or following, because they don’t reflect our hopes and aspirations for this country or for our children.

A Democratic voter cares about more than party loyalty. She or he cares about the people who put their lives on the line in order to protect the rights and freedoms that define American life. She or he cares about economic equity, access to affordable health care, education, worker rights, civil rights, access to clean air and water, and the quality of life enjoyed by everyone.

And when we put people like me in office, we change the conversation on what the Democratic Party would like to see happen. We bring the country to a new conversation — about what it should be like to live in this country, which would be an even rarer thing to do in a Republican presidency. We don’t get the privilege in Washington of writing the policies of what we want to see in America, or of being the president who gets that job.

Our job is to change the conversation — to talk about who we are, and what our dreams are — and in so doing make the country we’d like to see happen.

I’d like to

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