I Was in the Air The Whole Time I Was in Pittsburgh

Op-Ed: New COVID strains are coming. It’s no time to let down our guard.

I was in the air the entire flight to Pittsburgh for two reasons: the first was to introduce myself to the new president, because I had written him from a hospital bed in New York City earlier this month where I was infected with COVID-19.

The second was to meet the president’s son, and my wife, Mark. My wife Mark was on her way to the hospital with a broken hip and I was on my deathbed with a fever, a sore throat, and a cough that kept me up at night.

The reason I had to meet the president’s son was that he, along with my wife’s mother, had been one of the first of 400 Americans who had died from COVID-19.

At the time, I wrote to my daughter that I believed we had a chance of saving lives with a vaccine. We were almost there!

I also believed that when the first Americans are admitted to the hospital, as I had been, they would be the first to be cured and live a normal life.

Sadly, I was wrong.

I’ve been on the phone trying to contact my son as his condition has deteriorated. I’ve given him messages of love and encouragement through various social media platforms. I even sent him an email through his computer so that I could let him know I was okay.

My son, however, is no longer receiving my email and phone calls or writing me letters. Even so, I continue to write him every few days to tell him I love him and that I’m not the same person I was before COVID-19.

In my last letter to him, I wrote: “If you’re reading this as I am, then I’m not the same person I was before COVID-19. I know that, but I’m trying so hard to not give up on the good times we had. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be the person I want you to remember. I’ve tried so hard to be your mom and I think I’ve succeeded at a lot of things, but this is probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, with

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