I Am With The Blacks

Op-Ed: D.A. Gascón: Yes, I’m ‘with the Blacks’

On Wednesday, D.A., an author and journalist, and I held a joint event for Black people to tell their stories. It was called “I am with the Blacks.” Here’s his post below.


Let me begin by reading the title off of this piece ’cause I got it wrong. In fact, the title is right, “I Am With The Blacks.” I just wasn’t sure what to call it because I am with both sides of the fence; the right and the left. I am with those people who believe that America was founded on the original, racist, white supremacist ideology of “exceptional” treatment for black people.

I Am With The Blacks

This event was organized to be a call to action—to be part of the solution to the very problem that we have. This event and my book Black Lives, Black Pain: Voices from the Aftermath of the War on Drugs were brought to you by the New York Times, National Public Radio, and the National Black Justice Coalition.

For our purposes, this event is an attempt at a bridge-building—a meeting and discussion between those who believe, even if it is just in their own minds, that the U.S. has to address the needs of Black Americans, and those who don’t.

So, let me tell you who I am with. It is with all Black people, though I am with, of course, the more conservative Black people. I am with the members of the New Black Coalition (NBC), including you, and other Black people who have joined to fight for our rights.

I am with the Black Panthers.

I am with the Black Lives Matter movement.

I am with the Black Youth Project 100 percent. This is their mission statement: “To challenge racial micro-aggressions, systemic racism and oppressive conditions that threaten the lives and well-being of urban Black youth in America.” This is an organization that exists to challenge social

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