I Am Pro-Freedom of Speech

Letters to the Editor: A nation of vasectomized men — did you envision this, antiabortion zealots?

I am not anti-abortion. Nor am I a fundamentalist. I’m pro-choice.

I am pro-the right to have sex and to be treated with respect by other people. I’m pro-freedom of sexual expression.

I am pro-gay rights and pro-marriage. I’m definitely for the freedom to express my views, even if I don’t want them expressed publicly.

I don’t believe in the government’s right to tell me what I can’t say.

I don’t go around telling people who I can’t sleep with what they can’t say.

I am pro-free speech, in other words, as long as it is not against me.

I am pro-free speech, as long as it is not against my views. Pro-freedom of speech is not necessarily anti-abortion.

For centuries, anti-abortion activists have focused on the word, “anti.” They have tried to find all the possible ways to associate it with “abortion.”

Then they have pointed out that the word “abortion” is so loaded, so pejorative, so fraught with hatred.

They have said that “abortion” is an insult to the word’s origin, the Latin word for “offering.” They have argued that it is demeaning to women. They have said it is a word that has no meaning at all.

They have tried to redefine the word “abortion” to mean “the killing of a fetus” or “the prevention of the mother’s having a baby.” They have labeled the killing of a fetus an “elective” and the prevention of a mother’s having a baby as abortion.

Anti-abortion activists have told women they can never say “Abortion is wrong” out loud.

Now, with a word like “choice” and its connection to “abortion” in the title of this week’s issue of The Sun Herald, anti-abortion zealots are telling women that now they can be “choices” in the eyes of the state.

If they oppose abortion, they

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