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How to Enjoy Oregon Wine Country

How to Enjoy Oregon Wine Country

Savoring Oregon’s Wine Country, No Driving Required!

Oregon wine country is one of the most beautiful regions in all of the U.S., and you can see why. With more than 30 wineries dotted along the winding roads of the Hixson and Hood River valleys, wine country is the ideal place to stay over and enjoy a night out in the wine country. But if you want to have a more complete Oregon wine country experience, you’ll want to rent a car.

Whether you’re staying over in Hood River or a day trip out to Medford, you’ll want to take the scenic route in your rental car. There are few places in America that have more of a variety of landscapes and experiences than wine country. From rolling hills and open plains to the coast, lush forests, river valleys and canyons, the Hixson and Hood River valleys are the perfect location for a wine country vacation.

If you’re traveling with an itinerary, whether it’s a road trip or a full day in the wine country, you’ll want to take your time and get the most out of your trip. The beauty of wine country cannot be beat. Just spend some time learning a few of the basics of wine country hospitality. Most of the great wineries in the Oregon wine country are family-owned or run by people who’ve spent time traveling the country in the wine industry. You’ll meet winemakers and chefs who are glad to share their knowledge and passion for wine.

In addition to the many scenic and enjoyable experiences that Oregon wine country is perfect for, it’s just also a great place to spend time with a family and make memories of your own. There are lots of great wineries in the region that you can see from your hotel room, or you can just take a short drive to the area to take in the sights and sounds of rural life. In the wine country, you’ll be in a beautiful part of the world. There are beautiful roads that wind their way through the rolling hills, and you can check out the amazing views

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