How I Saved Money on My Air Conditioner

How to get a low-cost A/C unit and other help from LADWP to beat the next heat wave

Last week, I was driving up to Santa Barbara in my car with my wife. I was on my way to my son’s high school to pick out two brand new cars for him and his friends, since he and his wife both have kids, and we wanted to do some Christmas shopping with them to give them the best gifts possible.

My first stop was to buy a new air conditioner to replace the unit being replaced on our car, and so far the price was $400 with no labor cost.

My next stop was the new air conditioner distributor. I looked at the prices on the distributor, which was a $300 job, and it was about $110 less than I was going to pay to get a new air conditioner.

“That’s not the worst deal I’ve ever heard,” I thought.

My next stop was to the LADWP for help in saving money on the air conditioner. I had been researching ways to save time and money and I wasn’t going to let LADWP and the local government control my budget. I called them and told them I was paying them to come in here and fix one tiny electrical problem, my air conditioner compressor, and that I wanted them to come and check it out and correct anything that needed correcting.

I asked about getting a low-cost compressor and they said they would check with the dealer.

The representative told me, “I know that compressor. That’s the one that goes with the AC unit on my car.”

“OK,” I laughed, “and how does that help me to save money on my air conditioner?”

“The price is $400.00.”

“OK,” I asked, “how does that help me save money on my air conditioning?”

“It will.”

“How does a low-cost compressor really help me to save money on my air conditioning?”

“It’s cheaper,” he said, “than a brand new AC unit.”

I asked, “How does a low-cost compressor, which I think cost about 400 dollars, really

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