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Firefighters battle the largest wildfire in the state’s history

Firefighters battle the largest wildfire in the state’s history

Mosquito fire surpasses 63,000 acres to become largest blaze in California this year

A wildfire burning in an uninhabited canyon on the west-facing slopes of Mount Diablo has now burned nearly 63,000 acres in the last week, surpassing the largest wildfire in the state’s history.

On Thursday, the blaze took new territory and now, after five days, it has burned through 5,500 acres, or nearly 10 square miles (20 square kilometers). By Monday evening, the fire had reached almost 4,000 acres.

Cal Fire said the fire was not yet contained and that it was “potentially the largest natural-occurring fire area in the northern San Francisco Bay Area.”

By Sunday evening, the main fire had burned more than 10 square miles (about 2.6 square kilometers) and destroyed 13 houses.

The fire continues to burn in a remote area of the forest, and while the main fire is burning down, other smaller fires are burning in the same area. Crews are battling them as part of the state’s first response in the state’s wildfires. The largest is an 8,000-acre fire that has burned through an area known as the Pigeon Creek fire, located between Mount Diablo and the Pigeon Valley Ski Area.

Officials said that the fire was not burning in a populated area, however it was burning in a remote area where there are few roads and the winds were fierce. They said that all available resources were being used in the fight.

“The fire is burning in an area where there are few roads and the fire is being fought by air with a helicopter-dropping fire retardant system,” Cal Fire Chiefsaid in a news release. “As a result, the fire front is advancing at a rate of roughly one acre per mile (3,600 meters) over six miles (10 kilometers).”

The fire started on Sunday evening and has been burning in three locations, Cal Fire said, but the main fire is still burning, and has had a significant impact on the

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