Eunisses Hernandez is running for mayor in Los Angeles

Eunisses Hernandez unseated Gil Cedillo. Can she help solve L.A.’s political crisis?

The young woman who unseated Gil Cedillo in Tuesday’s primary, Eunisses Hernandez, is the daughter of a longtime city supervisor – but her father is not the man who is running for mayor.

Instead, Eunisses is running with a relative, Ricardo Cedillo, a former city council member who ran for mayor in 2013 with a candidate named Hector Guzman.

Ricardo is not a city employee. He is running as an independent, which allows him to challenge or support his daughter on the ballot as a Democrat.

City officials are now investigating whether the Cedillo campaign had a role in the hiring of Eunisses as a campaign staffer and an organizer last year.

A spokesman for the Cedillo campaign said the Cedillo campaign “did nothing wrong.” A spokesman for the Hernandez campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

Eunisses’s victory was unexpected in L.A.’s political landscape, where the candidates for mayor are being chosen by their political action committees.

“It’s great,” said Marisa Almaguer, an assistant political director in the city clerk’s office. “Eunisses is a first time candidate for mayor.”

Eunisses and her father, Ricardo, had been active on various community boards and committees. And when the Cedillo campaign decided to hire her daughter, she was working as a consultant and organizer for the campaign.

Eunisses is a first-generation college student working for a law firm. She studied at Santa Monica College and graduated in 2013.

Ricardo ran for city council in 1994, and for mayor in 2010, when he ran against the candidate supported by then Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Villaraigosa was

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