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Eric Weinberg denied bail after lawyers said he posed a significant risk of escape

Eric Weinberg denied bail after lawyers said he posed a significant risk of escape

TV producer Eric Weinberg has $5-million bail revoked after judge labels him danger to society—and the $100,000 bail posted

The producer of the “American Crime Story” has been denied release on bail amid claims he is a threat to public order and society.

Eric Weinberg. NBC/Channel 9/Facebook

Eric Weinberg, a prolific television producer who is best known for the “American Crime Story” miniseries, has been denied release on $5 million bail after his lawyers said he posed a significant risk of escape, according to a report Friday by the Oregonian/OregonLive.

Weinberg, 29, was ordered to be placed in a mental health facility with an electronic monitor on his arm for his own safety, and was denied bail after a judge said his “lifestyle has not yet been evaluated to determine if it presents a real danger” to the public.

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“As of today, the defendants bail is revoked, the electronic monitoring is ordered and the defendant is now subject to a mental health evaluation,” the judge wrote in a ruling obtained by the Oregonian/OregonLive.

Weinberg’s attorney, John F. Manly, said the ruling “raises serious constitutional questions which should be analyzed in federal court.”

A federal magistrate judge earlier this year had ordered that Weinberg be held in jail to await a preliminary hearing in the case, but after two weeks of no contact, he was ordered to appear in federal court to set a new bail amount. But his lawyer refused to have anything to do with him.

His attorney at the time, Craig W. Scott, said he was “surprised and disappointed by the court’s ruling.”

“Our client intends to remain on bail pending a final determination on his potential risk to the community,” he said in a statement provided by Manly.

Manly said his client has been through “relapse” and is

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