Eddie Redmayne’s New Job as the Bad Doctor in Good Will Hunting

Review: Jessica Chastain is good as ‘The Good Nurse,’ but Eddie Redmayne is bad as the bad nurse.

A few weeks back, Eddie Redmayne was cast as an over-the-hill “good doctor” for the movie version of the musical Hamilton, which is based on the life of the legendary Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. And so it went, with the Hollywood Reporter reporting that he had been asked “dozens” of times to “play both Hamilton and his father, Aaron Burr.” Well, now Redmayne has a new job as the bad doctor in Good Will Hunting.

In the film, which opened on Friday, he plays an abusive father who is secretly in love with his own son’s best friend named Will, who is played by Ben Affleck. The problem is that Redmayne has been working hard to shed the role of the troubled father who, despite the bad blood between the two boys, is more concerned with the welfare of his own son than his own father. That’s a hard role.

So, a few months ago, while doing research for his new film, The Rover, director Gus Van Sant reached out to Redmayne about playing the same role in the Hamilton biopic. At the time, Redmayne was looking at a variety of movie opportunities, and he was thinking about whether or not he wanted to move to California to try something new, but he had never been to the States. So, he came to Los Angeles to visit Van Sant and to check out the city. The Rover was being filmed back then in a small town in Connecticut.

Redmayne got on board with the film. Van Sant took Redmayne in and let him do an interview about his character. (Later, Redmayne says that he “got to meet Eddie at the time,” when he came to L.A. to visit the film crew.)

And Redmayne, despite all of the criticism that he faces, was the most positive about the experience. “It was great,” he told the L.A. Times.

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