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Democratic voters are more forgiving of Joe Biden than they are to Joe Biden

Democratic voters are more forgiving of Joe Biden than they are to Joe Biden

Op-Ed: Independents may not like Biden, but they abhor Trump


Apr 30, 2020 at 1:12 PM

By Bill Armus, The News Journal

In a political season characterized by mudslinging and character assassination, Democratic voters are likely to be a bit more forgiving of Joe Biden than they are to Joe Biden.

Biden’s vice presidential debate performance in the first major encounter with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Thursday night came as no surprise to the vast majority of voters in the survey.

The survey of likely voters finds that by a margin of 2-to-1, Democratic voters oppose the Trump administration’s approach to social distancing and quarantine, while they still support the president’s approach and are more likely to blame the federal government for the spread of the virus — even as they are more likely to favor Biden in terms of providing relief for the American economy.

“If [Trump] wants to blame the feds for this, I say he should blame us,” said Mark J. Meyers, a Democrat in western Pennsylvania who said he is undecided in the Democratic primary contest. “We are the ones who are doing the work…. And this has nothing to do with the federal government.”

Biden and Warren were the top of their party with the highest disapproval ratings on both social distancing and federal government overreach, in line with Democratic voter attitudes in many of the other surveys in recent days.

The party’s progressive base is a bit more inclined to criticize Warren than to criticize Biden, but they are united in their dislike of both Trump and the federal response to the virus outbreak:

In the poll, more than 55 percent of Democrats in nine battleground states say they agree with Warren and more than 57 percent say they do not believe the federal government did more to aid the fight against the virus.

But while most Democrats think the American economy would be better off if Joe Biden remained in office — 52 percent say it would be better off, while 43 percent disagree — the virus issue plays a much larger role in their party’s primary fight this year than any other.

“The economy definitely has to be brought up,” said Michael Conning, a Democratic donor in Westchester County

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