Democratic Party is targeting key battleground states in 2020 presidential election

GOP eyes Indiana upset amid national push to diversify party

Steve Scheer | IndyStar

Show Caption Hide Caption Democrats get out the vote for midterms at precinct meeting Democrats get out the vote for midterms at precinct meeting.

INDIANAPOLIS – The national Democratic Party is targeting a key state in the 2020 presidential election in a bid to win back voters who don’t support President Trump.

The party has dispatched hundreds of field staff to key states where they hope to turn out voters and, if necessary, motivate them to turn into donors.

The plan, first reported by The Hill, is partly driven by a long-term strategy to reverse Republicans’ demographic and ideological domination of the party.

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And while the party’s national headquarters remains focused on the midterm elections, the field staff work has been accelerated to allow the party to focus on a dozen or so battleground states in which Trump is projected to win.

“This is a long-term, multifaceted strategy,” said Steve Schale, who helped lead the Democratic campaign in the contested midterms earlier this year and is now helping lead the 2020 race.

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The party sees the midterms as a necessary step toward building a permanent majority.

“This is not a campaign cycle, it’s a midterm election cycle, which means you have to be focused on winning in those states,” Schale said. “We’re only going to win in those states where we have strong field operations.”

Indiana will be a key battleground in this cycle as some of its 6 million people have a chance to cast ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

With national Democrats’ 2020 ambitions in mind, local party leaders are using the Midwestern state as a springboard to target

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