DeLeón’s tweets come after he called out Garcetti for asking not to use the term “Mexican American” in a political ad

Column: Kevin de León says he’s sorry but won’t resign. Kevin, stop gaslighting L.A. and apologize to the people. — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (@Mayor ofLA) July 24, 2019

“I’m sorry. I really am,” wrote DeLeón. “And here’s why: For years I’ve said that I would always serve in good faith. I’ve done so. I served the people of Los Angeles because I love you. I made a commitment to my city, to our country and to my countrymen. If elected, I will carry that promise forward. You deserve better.”

The Mayor’s office followed up with a statement today, confirming that Garcetti has received reports of tweets made by his Twitter account on Thursday afternoon. “At this time, it has not been determined whether or not the tweets are authentic, and we will not comment publicly or respond to a social media post unless the social media post is verified,” the statement read.

DeLeón’s tweets came about an hour after he made headlines by calling out Garcetti for asking City Council members not to use the term “Mexican American” in a political ad.

DeLeón is the only white politician in the race after the primary Tuesday evening, a fact that has angered black voters like Ricardo Lara and the Rev. Al Sharpton. DeLeón has tried to make his case as a Latino in the United States and has a strong reputation as a progressive voice in the community.

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