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Cornell University Fraternities and Sororities Accused of Hazing

Cornell University Fraternities and Sororities Accused of Hazing

Cornell frat parties on hold; druggings, assault reported in student housing

Cornell University fraternities and sororities were involved in alleged hazing of men at four homes on campus before an investigation by a campus committee.

Members of the Pi Beta Phi fraternity allegedly punched several men at the Sienkiewicz House in April, causing one to lose consciousness, according to a transcript of a meeting of the fraternity at which a student alleged the alleged acts, reported by The Sun.

The alleged victim told the Greek organization that he had been punched for the fifth time, the Sienkiewicz House transcript stated, and two other men were punched in retaliation for the first punch.

The fraternity has a policy of not contacting the alleged victims, according to a statement released by the university and obtained by The Sun.

“There is a clear definition of hazing and we are not involved, as such, in hazing or any kind of non-alcoholic beverage consumption,” the statement read.

But the organization had to apologize by releasing a statement calling itself “deeply sorry” “for any harm or harm” that may have been caused, according to a separate story by The Sun.

The fraternity is also involved in an ongoing investigation into assault allegations at the McSweeney House.

An “internal investigation” by the Sigma Chi Chapter’s leadership confirmed that one of its two residential chapters had been involved in the alleged hazing and was also involved in an assault that involved two women, according to the Associated Press.

The fraternity has said that the hazing allegations are false.

A committee investigating Cornell fraternities and sororities met Thursday and Friday and held a series of meetings with two fraternity members who were interviewed by the committee.

The committee also discussed the investigation by the Sigma Chi Chapter’s leadership, which includes the vice president for Student Services

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