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Chloé O’Rourke: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Chloé O’Rourke: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ celebrates diverse culture and heritage

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“It’s not just about the black people,” says Chloé O’Rourke, as she walks out of her home in San Francisco’s Mission District. She holds up a print of a black woman on a white horse. “It’s about the black women and black men and the black queer people who are still here.”

O’Rourke is a member of the Black Panther Party, a black radical feminist organization for women of color based in the Bay Area. This September, she and the organization will host Black Panther, an event honoring black cultural history and celebrating the lives of black revolutionaries.

She calls it “a celebration of an ongoing conversation and an ongoing struggle for the liberation of black people.”

To celebrate Black Panther’s 30th anniversary, the San Francisco chapter of the Black Panther Party has produced a special print entitled “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” which can be purchased through the organization’s donation page.

“There’s so much beauty in this culture,” says O’Rourke. “The women who are still standing, even in a time of so much violence and destruction, that beauty is still palpable and it’s in our consciousness.”

O’Rourke remembers when she was a little girl and the Black Panther movement was still at its peak. She says she was thrilled to see a Black Panther meeting in her neighborhood.

“I would watch them,” says O’Rourke. “I would see these meetings of young people—their families had been kicked out of their homes, they were hungry, they had nothing. And they would organize meetings and then they would come back to their homes, their jobs. And in that time

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