Chinese nationals accused of trying to obstruct Huawei investigation

Chinese nationals charged with crimes of subverting U.S. justice including meddling in Huawei case – here’s what you need to know

Chinese nationals were arrested in New York and Florida and charged with crimes including trying to tamper with DOJ investigation into Huawei.

The United States Department of Justice has charged several Chinese nationals with crimes including trying to influence a U.S. government corruption investigation that is seeking to investigate the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. Reuters via YouTube China’s Xinhua News Agency reports that the New York District Attorney’s Office has charged four people; including a man from Beijing, a woman from Fuzhou and two other unidentified men. The charges are part of a widening corruption probe that has also implicated former Chinese leaders. The four Chinese nationals were arrested last week on charges ranging from cybertheft and conspiracy to defraud the United States of trade secrets. Reuters in New York reports that the four are accused of trying to tamper with an investigation into Huawei that is being led by the DOJ’s National Security Division. Reuters reports that an indictment unsealed in New York charges the four with conspiracy and theft of trade secrets in violation of U.S. trade secrets law.

Xinhua reports that the four men are accused of attempting to obstruct a U.S. government corruption probe into Huawei. Reuters in New York reports that the four Chinese nationals are accused of tampering with electronic data and hacking the DOJ’s National Security division. The allegations against the four Chinese nationals are contained in a 41-count indictment that unsealed this month. Reuters reports that the indictment alleges the defendants took actions in order to create a “perception that certain Huawei executives are close to the Chinese leadership.” According to Reuters, Huawei did not respond to repeated requests for comment. The indictment unsealed in the New York District Court in Manhattan alleges that, between April 2015 and February 2018, the defendants conspired with others in China to tamper with electronic data and hack the DOJ National Security division to disrupt the investigation into Huawei. Reuters reports that the defendants are being sued in Manhattan by the DOJ and they will appear in federal court on March 13. Reuters news agency reports that the DOJ accuses them of trying to “influence or prevent the completion of the investigation and, ultimately, to cause or allow interference with the integrity or availability of any law-enforcement information in the course of the investigation.”

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