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Carlos Alcaraz is the Best Male Tennis Player of All Time

Carlos Alcaraz is the Best Male Tennis Player of All Time

‘More grand slams’: Carlos Alcaraz already has sights set on 2023 glory after US Open triumph

Carlos Alcaraz didn’t win a major until the U.S Open. Now that victory makes it four in a row – and he already has a year to go. In that year – the one after the U.S. Open – the Argentine is certain to make history. Alcaraz’s success in the United States has been the stuff of legend. He had three top-10s in his first 16 tournaments before the U.S. Open and then another four straight until the U.S. Open. Since then, Alcaraz has won one Major. He broke into the Top 10 in the final week at the Australian Open. He then won Wimbledon. He has won the U.S. Open five times, making him the best American male tennis player of all time. Carlos Alcaraz, who turns 21 on the first of August, is also considered to be the best male tennis player from Argentina, and he could be even better than Juan Martin del Potro. Alcaraz is the player of this generation – a combination of brilliance and genius – and he has made no bones about it. When you play Alcaraz, you’re playing at his level, where the tennis has moved on but the game has not.

“I know that in the future I won’t play the same tennis like I did for the last two years,” Alcaraz said. “I have a lot of things to do in the next year, and I’m not satisfied with this. That’s why I am doing this now, so that when I have time to dedicate to my game, I can produce something.”

His father, Hernan, says, “Carlos is an exceptional player who has shown great passion and enthusiasm from the beginning. He likes to compete, to beat the top players, and that’s what he

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