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Cardi B and Madonna Reunited Over Clown Emoji

Cardi B and Madonna Reunited Over Clown Emoji

Cardi B and Madonna make amends after clown emoji kerfuffle

Cardi B and Madonna recently reunited. Here, they share what brought them together, what they were thinking while hanging out, and how both of them found solace in each other.

The two have had their fair share of drama in recent weeks. On the one hand, they have engaged in fierce fights over pop music. On the other, they have had to distance themselves from each other in order to stay out of trouble with the law.

But then again, they have been enjoying themselves — and they might have a real reason to smile — after all, they shared a pretty great moment together over the weekend.

On Sunday night, Cardi B and Madonna sat side-by-side during one of their live streams on Facebook. During one of her many riffs on politics, Madonna asked her “f*ckboy” to explain the world’s ills.

Cardi B chimed in with her own theory of why the world is in a state of crisis and asked why the government is not investing in infrastructure.

“I do not think that the world is a good place because the government is not investing properly,” she said. “And the reason is that they are only investing in one type of investment. And that is investment in infrastructure.”

Madonna then turned to her “f*ckboy” and asked him to explain the world’s ills.

Madonna asked, “So why the government is not investing properly? What are the problems?”

The “f*ckboy” responded with an emoji of a clown, which was quickly met with widespread backlash on social media. Many people reacted to the emoji by suggesting that Madonna and Cardi B were mocking the public’s lack of understanding of how the government spends its money.

As of this writing, Madonna has not commented on the incident. In the past, she has made a point of trying to avoid any interaction with the public, which she considers to be both mentally and physically ill.

While the clown emoji has gained much attention on social media, Madonna has not been the only one to speak on the matter, either:

Madonna is now trending on Twitter as a result of the incident, but is receiving an onslaught of support for having the “f*ck

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