California’s Lt. Governors are a little more hostile to gun control

The race for California’s top cop focuses on abortion, gun control and crime

The race for California’s top cop takes a decidedly liberal turn, as the leading candidates for Lieutenant Governor promise to keep gun control, legalize abortion, and expand school security, if elected.

This is quite a departure from the last three or four years—when candidates for statewide office have been more or less mainstream Democrats.

A new poll of the Lt. Governors race shows that while gun control is popular with more than four-in-ten voters (43%), the leading candidate for Attorney General (a Democrat) and Governor (a Democrat) are far more hostile to guns.

The poll found that the three leading candidates—Lt. Gov. Arturo Garcia, State Treasurer John Chiang, and Controller John Chiang—are all strongly opposed to more gun restrictions.

The top three candidates have all spoken out against gun control—but in somewhat different ways.

Lt. Governor Garcia opposes more gun restrictions. He says, “I believe everyone should have the right to own a gun…and I will do anything I can to make it happen.”

Lieutenant Governor Garcia, and other leading candidates, are far more hostile to gun control. He calls for a task force to “look into guns.”

“California will work with people who love and support our Second Amendment rights,” Garcia said. “We will work with people who love hunting and love to shoot, who believe that every community should have the opportunity to have a good quality hunting experience to enjoy this beautiful lifestyle they have worked so hard for.”

Chiang is the only Democrat who wants to take the next step in expanding school safety, and he does so by opposing more gun restrictions.

A gun control advocate, Chiang says, “A gun-free zone will not make our schools safe. We know this intuitively.”

He said, “We need a well-equipped and well-trained armed school resource officer who will be able to

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