California Secretary of State Debra Bowen announces voter education website

Column: As midterms tighten, will California save or sink the Democrats?

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California Secretary of State Debra Bowen stands behind the podium in Sacramento Wednesday morning as she officially launched the first ever California voter education website.

As she did Tuesday in New York City, Bowen used the stage at the California Democratic Party Convention to announce that the state’s new voter education site would be opened in a few days. But she had the party’s gubernatorial candidate and its presidential candidate on stage as well to make the announcement, and they both gave impassioned speeches warning that the “Trump effect” would cost the party dearly in the election.

The website — at least in California — could be the start of a nationwide push for voters to know how to register and vote on the correct pages of the state’s computer system.

“California is one of the most progressive states in the nation, but we need to use that to our advantage in November to defeat Donald Trump,” Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton vowed Tuesday.

California is also experiencing an influx of immigrants and their children, many of whom are not U.S. citizens. The state has been on the front lines of dealing with the nation’s immigration system.

In 2016, more than a million U.S. citizen children were born in California, according to federal immigration figures.

“In the wake of the election, the California Democratic Party is committed to increasing the voter participation of our immigrant and minority communities,” Bowen said in a statement. “These new voter education programs will empower immigrant voters by making it easier to register and then cast their ballots so that we can protect the fundamental values of our nation.”

Voter education websites, or “voter guides,” are designed to explain the basics of how to register and vote in a basic way.

“The Voter Guide website is the most comprehensive guide available to citizens, including the basics of voting, voter eligibility, and what’s at stake in the election this November,” Democratic

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