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Bono’s anthem to the United Nations Day

Bono’s anthem to the United Nations Day

Review: Bono humbles himself in a new memoir as he prepares to sing the official national anthem at the United Nations

Bono has long held a reputation for being outspoken and opinionated. And he remains so.

On the album of the same name, he sang, “Don’t ever change. And if you change, you become an idiot.”

But Bono has been at his most public and provocative in recent months, as he prepares to sing the anthem as the United Nations begins its celebration of the International Day in Honour of the UN and its Decade of Peace, hosted by Canada.

Bono is one of several high-profile international figures who will perform at the inauguration of Canada 150, which began today. And a number of Canadian musicians, including The Band Perry, will provide a musical accompaniment with special guest performances by other prominent international figures.

The UN has been working with the Canadian government to provide a more inclusive celebration.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic, as much as I would like to sing it myself. I certainly believe that we will hear something that will hopefully make the world a more welcoming environment for people everywhere” said Bono in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.

“The goal of the United Nations Day is to make the world a brighter, more peaceful place.”

But how to make the world a brighter, more peaceful place is a question that remains. And I think we’ve got an opportunity [to do that].

I think it’s a question that is being asked everywhere now, so I think it’s something that needs to be taken very seriously so that we have the opportunity to actually make the first step towards it.

In some ways, Bono speaks for a generation of Canadians that has been looking for hope and a better future.

After all, he was born in New York City, he moved to Ireland in his childhood and lived there for a period of time, before settling in Dublin, where he made his first solo album.

It is a world in which Bono has already seen his share of success, but he’s only getting started.

He has just completed a world tour that covered more than 50 cities in North America, Europe, the U.K., Australia and South America. And he is currently on tour in Asia

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