BMW’s Mission Statement

Why BMW really decided to make batteries in the US

BMW is very much a company with a mission statement and a history dating back 100 years that speaks volumes of its philosophy, approach and leadership. From the outset BMW was committed to making cars that were better and safer. With it’s roots in the automotive industry over 60 years of experience BMW has amassed a unique collection of knowledge and a long and storied history that makes the company special.

As we all know, battery technology is all about energy. However, energy is not energy, it is a form of matter. So, what exactly does matter? And how are we to use it?

BMW’s Mission

At BMW as a company, the mantra of the past 100 years has been “making cars that drive better”. The mantra is as relevant today as it has been for the past century.

A BMW’s Mission Statement is the guiding principle that guides the company’s activities and behavior. It is the essence of its values and ideals. If BMW’s Mission was what inspired its decision to manufacture it’s batteries in the US, then we believe it is what motivated it to develop it’s hydrogen fuel cell technology in the US, too.

In order to achieve its Mission, BMW has to “use energy, not fuel” and it turns out energy is matter. BMW has always operated with it’s energy as the primary resource. For example, when BMW decided to use it’s batteries to power its automobiles, they decided to do it in the form of hydrogen powered, fuel cell powered and other forms of hybrid technology.

Why do we think BMW decided to make batteries in the US

BMW chose to build its battery in the US because it is the right place to build that technology. With the right policies, there is a wealth of opportunity in the US to develop and innovate and do so in a manner that is different and superior to what BMW did before.

The US has become a hub for some of the most innovative companies of all time and is home to some of the most respected and exciting companies in the world. Many of those companies have a

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