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Biden promoted to vice presidency after breaking ankle while playing tennis

Biden promoted to vice presidency after breaking ankle while playing tennis

Biden gives VP another verbal promotion as ‘President Harris’

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Washington • Vice President Joe Biden has been promoted to the White House as he recovers from a broken ankle, a White House official said on Sunday.

The White House announced Biden’s promotion to the vice presidency on Saturday night, a day after he broke his ankle while playing tennis and needed surgery.

It was the seventh presidential promotion for Biden, the 76-year-old former presidential candidate who has held the VP slot with the vice presidency for about a year. He will continue to fill out his Cabinet and legislative leadership roles in the Executive Office of the President as “Vice President Harris,” according to an official.

The official said Biden, now “back at work,” received a phone call and a personal visit from Vice President Dick Cheney.

The White House statement said Biden and Cheney were “welcoming him back to the executive branch for a productive year.”

“Vice President Biden will remain a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee,” the official said.

Biden has received other promotions in recent months. In May, he became chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he led for three years. And three months later, he became chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which he led for two years.

Biden, who would become the oldest vice president in U.S. history on Jan. 20, is one of six former U.S. senators who served as vice president. President George W. Bush did not serve as vice president until January 2005.

He would become the first Democrat to serve as president of the United States since Herbert Hoover in 1929.

His injury in a training game had nothing to do with politics, though. Biden broke his ankle falling on a slice of the court, just as he did following a fall on the tennis court last February, according to The Associated Press.

With a cast on his right foot, the former presidential candidate played

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