Airline Passes to Add Data-Linked Luggage Tags to All Check-In Baggages

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

In an email to its customers yesterday, Lufthansa said that all of its checked baggage will now include electronic tags with data link capabilities. According to the email, the company received a request from an unnamed passenger in October and responded with the change today, and that it was “not a technical issue.”

Lufthansa said in its email that it is working with all major airlines “to make sure that this is fully supported” by new check-in systems. They will also be “making it easier for passengers to get back their belongings at the departure airport,” as a result of the change.

Lufthansa will also add special luggage tags with data link capabilities to its premium cabin baggage on international flights for the very first time. Lufthansa said it is adding data link tags on this type of baggage because, “We want passengers to be able to keep their luggage secure even if our check-in system fails when switching to the new AirlinePass system this summer.”

The first data-linked luggage tags were issued to all premium cabin luggage in October and, according to Lufthansa, will help passengers get their baggage to the airport, no matter how long the line. Passengers will have to be able to check-in online and download the new luggage tags to their Apple devices.

Lufthansa will also release an update to its iFly app today “to make it possible to check-in as soon as possible. Passengers will now be able to use the new AirlinePass system to check in, no matter how long the line.”

Lufthansa notes that it is testing this new functionality and will make further refinements “over the coming months.”

What can you do if you’re not using Apple AirTags? A lot! You can easily remove them via the iPhone. There’s really nothing you can do, but

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