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Aboubacar Sarr and Chido Sarr are dead after a landslide hit a popular park in Cameroon

Aboubacar Sarr and Chido Sarr are dead after a landslide hit a popular park in Cameroon

Landslide kills at least 14 attending funeral in Cameroon capital

Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde, is one of Africa’s most densely populated cities, with about 2.5 million people. While it is a relatively safe city, it was the site of a deadly landslide on Wednesday.

The landslide hit the main central highway near the central business district and blocked many roads.

Yaounde, Cameroon – Cameroon’s capital city of Yaounde is a city of contrasts.

There is a bustling centre, where businesses and people line its streets. Then there are slums, where people live in misery, waiting for a fix on the breadline.

The scene was very different at the funeral for Aboubacar Sarr, a businessman killed after a landslide hit a popular park in the city.

Beside Aboubacar’s coffin, the casket of his brother, Chido, a member of parliament, was in pieces. The two men were attending the funeral of their cousin, who had died.

Aboubacar Sarr was at the funeral because his brother was a member of parliament, while Chido was a popular businessman who was supporting the party he headed.

“I don’t know what happened. I was working, and suddenly, I saw on my phone – a picture of it being there – and I thought I had been attacked by bandits,” he told AFP from the site of the accident.

The pair were standing outside their relatives’ home, which had been destroyed by the landslide.

Aboubacar Sarr was one of Africa’s top business lawyers, helping to build his family’s fortune, and Chido Sarr was a popular businessman who ran his family’s company.

“The whole family is shaken by the accident,” another relative said.

The relatives of Aboubacar Sarr and Chido Sarr, along with the president who spoke at the funeral, called for calm and said their loved ones were dead despite the fact they were not.

“I can’t understand what is going on,” Chido Sarr said while crying his eyes out.

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